Get your Modern, Clean, Professional, Fully Responsive websites for your Action Career!

Why Should You
Use StuntSites?

Do you really want to call a random company with a Template Web Builder and then speak, or work with, someone who is disconnected from your industry and does not really care about your success?  Or, would you rather work with a fellow performer and friend?

It's time to be in charge of your own website! Become its one and only manager with the admin panel powered by StuntSITES. Use the whole functionality of this truly awesome web design platform and live with great customer support.

Jeremy Dunn care's about your success and is using his skills to help you now have and manage a personal webpage that can also be set up to link to iMDB, iSTUNT, iMOCAP, etc.  

Think about it, if you call some random company like Wix, then buy a poorly designed template, do you think they'll really care about your website after you leave?  With StuntSITES, you will be able to contact Jeremy to get your questions asked.  His team is handling the building, while he will be YOUR point of CONTACT! 

"About 99% of my friends are Stunt Performers now that I have been in this business for about 20 years, so I do not feel comfortable passing them off to one of my support specialists at MCMS.  That is why with StuntSITES & iSTUNT... I am always available for users to chat with."

Our websites are fully responsive and fit every business or level of your career.  Be it a Stunt Performer, Stunt Rigger, Stunt Coodinator or 2nd Unit Director.

We do book up fast, that is FACT.  But once you're in the queue, we'll get it done quickly, yet thoroughly!

Great Team

Our team of professional graphic designers, copy editors and web developers can certainly help with all your website needs.

Great Internet Presence

We know how important it is for you to maintain your solid, online presence, that’s why we we offer this great platform to keep your digital self sleak and very modern, on all mobile devices!

Great Support

Our support team is always ready to help you with any design-related issue, logging in, formatting, etc.  Though we encourage you to be hands on, we are always here to help.