Personal Website's are Still a Must.

Don't let social media propaganda tell you any different.

We create successful, innovative websites and can even consult on your project, map your career path, etc:

  1. Website Development
  2. SEO & Speed Boosting
  3. Funnel & Product Interaction

  4. Strategic Planning

  5. Market Research

  6. Joint Application Development

  7. Consulting

  8. Social Media Dominance Planning

  9. Business Proposals

  10. Video Editing and Promotion

We have a Strong Team of Tech Power Houses & Partnerships!

You asked for it, now you have it! You need to also have a strong independent precence ONLINE! One that you can link to all your Socilal Media and Stunt Directories like as well.  Those are hubs which give lots of traffic, they are doors that lead back to you... which is TOTALLY NEEDED, however, having a Modern, personalized website is very important as well.  One that is all about YOU.  

Well, with, you will get an excellet, modern set up that you can easily update yourself.  JeremyDunn and his Tutorial Videos will help you TAKE CONTROL of your career adminstration!  There are many editors out there, but I would put the MCMS StuntSite Editor against them ALL!  Its very easy for you to do so and if you have an issue, NO PROBLEM, simply call Jeremy Dunn Directly and all will be taken care of.  

  • We will help you buy your Domain Name or lockdown a Solid Domain name someone might already own.  (, a LESS EXPENSIVE Affiliate of GoDaddy is a great place to Start).
  • We'll set up your servers PROPERLY for you and make sure they are running fast, as well as, get your Email addresses.  So we'll set up your Email Addresses at no cost.
  • Get your Vimeo Page Set Up and give you some great ideas on how to maximize their platform.  Afterall, we will be integrating with them anyway.  
  • Your website will be FULLY RESPONSIVE, as to format beautifully on all mobile devices.  It still boggles my mind how the vast majority of websites still have not switched to a 'modern' responsive design, yet still run mobile apps, or no mobile view at all.  No worries though, our sites are solid.
  • We will boost your SEO too, by doing a site audit upon completion! We will make sure keywords and metadata is best representing you!  This comes with our service, so no worries about paying a fortune to have an independent firm handle this for you.
  • If you want us to Install an ISTUNT STUNT SITE for you, of which iStunt Covers Half your cost do to having their Logo on Your Website's Footer, just ask!

Why Having a Personal Website is Important.

Well, we could go on and on about that question, but that would take forever.  Having a personal, private website, along with being on other sites, is like having a Private Home, along with a Condo.  

Being in the Social Realm and on Stunt Directories like iStunt, though TOTALLY RECOMMENDED in this DAY and age due to their one stop show atmosphere (and if you're not on them you are ONLY limiting yourself), being on those platforms is like being in a Hotel with mulitple residents, however, having a Home or Persoal Website you can invite peope to of which has your details that Google can also backlink to, is a VERY wise Career Choice.  However, if your home or Personal Website is run down, outdated, unsafe and ugly, well, that can do you harm as well. gives you a great, modern, safe and beautiful presence online, for a minimal set up fee.   

StuntSite's responsive website is great for anyone, not matter what level they're out.  It's made by a professional team of web developers and contains everything necessary for your career's online promotion.  I have used StuntSites for BOTH my personal website AND, my new company website.  I just called Jeremy, paid a one time fee and he set them both up so fast.  I am now able to add my elements and easliy maintain what i need.  It's just SO easy."

- Eddie Davenport

Stunt Actor and Founder / CEO, Strict Nine Fitness